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Where are we heading?

Every day we came across issues related to Rural development, Water and Environment Conservation, Waste Management, Poverty, Corruption, Education, etc  but for all these most of us are habituate in directly blaming government and the politicians, despite taking steps to solve it.

So, are we justifying our own ‘Social Responsibilities’?

Why Social Responsibilities? (PSR & CSR)?

If we want us and our generations to live a good and balanced social life, then justifying our own social responsibilities is the only foundation of it.

So it is most important that People and Corporates are aware on their own ‘Social Responsibilities’ and remains motivated in fulfilling them.



Social index?

‘Social index’ is a unique platform for People, Corporate and Groups to showcase their ‘Social Engagement Activities’


Through ‘Social activity Rating System’, these activities will be awarded by “Social Index Points”.

Social Index has unique functionalities–

  • ‘Social Activity Rating System;
  • ‘Raise Social Issue’
  • ‘Organize Social Events’
  • ‘Ask for Help’


Why?        Being a Responsible citizen.

What?      Share ‘Social Engagement Activities’ (Personal and Corporate).

Where?    On ‘Social index’ Mobile App.

Get?          “Social Index Score”


Problem Statement:

  1. Lack of Awareness in people about their own ‘Social Responsibilities’
  2. No ‘Social Rating System’ available against social contribution done by Individual and Corporates/Groups.
  3. No Platform available to ‘Organize Social Event’ for benefit of society.
  4. No Platform available to raise social issues for early resolution.
  5. No Platform available to get help in social issues/problem.

Our Solution:

  1. Social Index is a unique mobile application platform for Individuals and Corporates to showcase their ‘Social Engagement Activities’.
  2. These activities will be awarded by “Social Index Points” using ‘Social Activity Rating System’



To bring…

Righteousness in the heart..

Beauty in the character..

Harmony in the home..

Order in the nations..

Peace in the World.

hand with-earth


I am the world  and  I am the country..

I am the government  and  I am the citizen..

I am the ruler  and  I am the follower..

I am the love  and  I am the peace..

I am the tomorrow  and  I am the future..




Dattatray Dhobale

Founder Director
Age- 41, Education– B.Com, MBA. 
Professional Experience– 15 Yrs


Swati Dhobale

Age- 34, Education– D.ed,
Professional Experience– 5 Yrs

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